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These are 18 of the most dangerous and dastardly Republicans you have ever seen. With their support, the Omnibus spending bill became a reality for them but it was a huge lump of coal in the Christmas stocking for hard working, patriotic Americans. 

There are 2 glaring facts about these people that makes this brazen betrayal even more nauseating. Some of these senators are retiring like Blunt of Missouri, Shelby of Alabama, Inhofe of Oklahoma and Portman of Ohio. They have nothing to lose.

The real surprise for me is how many of them are from red states. Both senators from Arkansas and South Dakota voted for this abomination. Where are Governor Sanders and Governor Noem respectively? Romney wasn't a surprise. I can only hope Utah is preparing to fix this mistake soon. Texas needs to do same with Cornyn, West Virginia with Capito unless she's copying Manchin, and Wicker? Where are you Governor Reeves?

Regardless of what happens, the grassroots of all the states represented need to give either their governor or these senators an earful because you were betrayed by them. NO EXCUSES ACCEPTED!

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