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There was only one!

Rush Limbaugh.jpg

One of the greatest voices of our generation went silent in early 2021.

After 33 years on radios everywhere, Rush passed away at age 70. Love him or hate him, his impact on politics and culture couldn't be denied. 

My first exposure to Rush came in the 1990s. I was intrigued to hear this commentator from the Midwest and his perspective. Not long after, I became a fan. My admiration for him didn't come without cost. 

Arrogant liberals and leftists of all pigmentations were offended that a black American dare to think for himself and agree with conservative ideas. Their smarminess went ignored and only validated my convictions.

Rush's 'Happy Warrior' attitude was either infectious to many or for leftists, a reason to scream in agony. I found it refreshing and uplifting in those times before I went into media when the noise of the perpetually offended grew loud.

As a young commentator, he became the standard by which I aspired to. My single greatest honor was to have a column I wrote about Rush when he went in for drug rehab 20 years ago was featured on his website. I was absolutely floored! The King of Talk Radio featured a piece from a newbie writer. I will remember that honor for the rest of my life. It only inspired me further to become better as a writer and commentator.

Even though Rush has left us, a new generation of Americans, 'Rush babies' and commentators has risen up to take his place in the very real and rising threat of socialism, Faucism and totalitarianism desires to decimate our beloved Republic. 

Rest in Peace Rush Limbaugh. God got his talent back. 

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